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Helpdesk Service

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Helpdesk Service

Business Challenge: Customer satisfaction is the key in business

Solution: Either you like us to manage customer’s grievances, relationship or customer orders. Our professionally trained agents will open a case in the system and assign it to your team for further actions, and follow it until problem resolution, and collect customer satisfaction feedback.

We know that conventional employee’s spend resources that we are unable to track at times. We don’t ask you to pay for time that isn’t invested actually in handling your projects. We will not be another expense that you would have to pay regardless of amount of work. Helpdesk services are hence the best way to keep a track of the work done when out-sourced.

We know that sometimes you have a lot of ordinary projects that get in the way, while other some period there is not a whole lot you need help with. Our help desk support services program is made to be there when you need us and take a break when you do not. We are here for making life simpler and help you back again when you need to concentrate on other things apart from helpdesk management system.

Service Type: Service is provided on annual contract

Service Timing: To be discussed and agreed based on client requirements

Service Charges: To be discussed and agreed based on client requirements

Payment Options
Payment Options

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