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Our Solutions

Marhaba Reception Services Qatar

Impress your clients with Marhaba reception services

Marhaba Reception Services Qatar can take your business to the next level. We are offering low cost and high quality business services like Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Secretary, Virtual Accountant etc for a small business or an individual. Just give us a call and find out how we engage with you.

Our services offering focuses on basic and administrative activities of an organisation so that one can focus on core business areas. Our objective is to focus on quality and excel in customer satisfaction.

Our Solutions

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    Virtual Receptionist

    Our Virtual Receptionist service act same as your office reception. Our profesionally trained agents recieve all incoming calls, get basic information about caller. Check with contact if he/she is available to take the call before tranferring it to contact and then transfer the call. In case contact is not available to take the call, agent will take the messages from caller. These messages are sent to the contact via email so that contact may call them back.

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    Virtual Accountant

    Either you are running a small business or an individual and would like to maintain your account. Our Virtual Accountant service is the best fit for you. Our experienced accountant will take care of all your bookkeeping activities and prepare all types of accounting reports on demand. We can provide more than fifty different accounting reports in few minutes. Reports like Profit and Loss, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliation etc.

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    Virtual Secretary

    Do not miss a single important business calls when you are away on a business trip OR vacation. Use our Virtual Secretary service to ensure all your business calls are well received in your absence. Virtual Secretary will recieve calls, take messages from callers. Further these messages shall be sent to you via email based on chosen frequency like immediate or daily or weekly. In case of any emergency, we shall be able to send you a SMS on your given number across the world.

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    Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant service focuses to perform small administrative jobs like doing email management/filtering, booking appointments, following up with clients, sending reminders, internet research on a topic, work to prepare a presentation, social media activities, or any other administrative work you would like us to perform to save your precious time.

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    HelpDesk as Service

    Use our HelpDesk service to manage your customer care. Our professionally trained agents will recieve calls from customers, will open a ticket and follow it up until problem resolved and close ticket at last. Give us a call to know more how do we engage.

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